Interface RequestDirector

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    public interface RequestDirector
    (4.3) No longer used
    A client-side request director. The director decides which steps are necessary to execute a request. It establishes connections and optionally processes redirects and authentication challenges. The director may therefore generate and send a sequence of requests in order to execute one initial request.
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        HttpResponse execute​(HttpHost target,
                             HttpRequest request,
                             HttpContext context)
                      throws HttpException,
        Executes a request.

        Note: For the time being, a new director is instantiated for each request. This is the same behavior as for HttpMethodDirector in HttpClient 3.

        target - the target host for the request. Implementations may accept null if they can still determine a route, for example to a default target or by inspecting the request.
        request - the request to execute
        context - the context for executing the request
        the final response to the request. This is never an intermediate response with status code 1xx.
        HttpException - in case of a problem - in case of an IO problem or if the connection was aborted