Interface HttpRoutedConnection

    • Method Detail

      • isSecure

        boolean isSecure()
        Indicates whether this connection is secure. The return value is well-defined only while the connection is open. It may change even while the connection is open.
        true if this connection is secure, false otherwise
      • getRoute

        HttpRoute getRoute()
        Obtains the current route of this connection.
        the route established so far, or null if not connected
      • getSSLSession

        SSLSession getSSLSession()
        Obtains the SSL session of the underlying connection, if any. If this connection is open, and the underlying socket is an SSLSocket, the SSL session of that socket is obtained. This is a potentially blocking operation.

        Note: Whether the underlying socket is an SSL socket can not necessarily be determined via isSecure(). Plain sockets may be considered secure, for example if they are connected to a known host in the same network segment. On the other hand, SSL sockets may be considered insecure, for example depending on the chosen cipher suite.

        the underlying SSL session if available, null otherwise