Interface ConnectionSocketFactory

    • Method Detail

      • createSocket

        Socket createSocket​(HttpContext context)
                     throws IOException
        Creates new, unconnected socket. The socket should subsequently be passed to connectSocket method.
        a new socket
        IOException - if an I/O error occurs while creating the socket
      • connectSocket

        Socket connectSocket​(int connectTimeout,
                             Socket sock,
                             HttpHost host,
                             InetSocketAddress remoteAddress,
                             InetSocketAddress localAddress,
                             HttpContext context)
                      throws IOException
        Connects the socket to the target host with the given resolved remote address.
        connectTimeout - connect timeout.
        sock - the socket to connect, as obtained from createSocket(HttpContext). null indicates that a new socket should be created and connected.
        host - target host as specified by the caller (end user).
        remoteAddress - the resolved remote address to connect to.
        localAddress - the local address to bind the socket to, or null for any.
        context - the actual HTTP context.
        the connected socket. The returned object may be different from the sock argument if this factory supports a layered protocol.
        IOException - if an I/O error occurs