Interface CookieSpec

    • Method Detail

      • getVersion

        int getVersion()
        Returns version of the state management this cookie specification conforms to.
        version of the state management specification
      • match

        boolean match​(Cookie cookie,
                      CookieOrigin origin)
        Determines if a Cookie matches the target location.
        cookie - the Cookie to be matched
        origin - the target to test against
        true if the cookie should be submitted with a request with given attributes, false otherwise.
      • formatCookies

        java.util.List<Header> formatCookies​(java.util.List<Cookie> cookies)
        Create "Cookie" headers for an array of Cookies.
        cookies - the Cookies format into a Cookie header
        a Header for the given Cookies.
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if an input parameter is illegal
      • getVersionHeader

        Header getVersionHeader()
        Returns a request header identifying what version of the state management specification is understood. May be null if the cookie specification does not support Cookie2 header.