Interface SetCookie2

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    Cookie, SetCookie
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    public interface SetCookie2
    extends SetCookie
    This interface represents a Set-Cookie2 response header sent by the origin server to the HTTP agent in order to maintain a conversational state.

    Please do not use methods marked as @Obsolete. They have been rendered obsolete by RFC 6265

    • Method Detail

      • setCommentURL

        void setCommentURL​(java.lang.String commentURL)
        If a user agent (web browser) presents this cookie to a user, the cookie's purpose will be described by the information at this URL.
      • setPorts

        void setPorts​(int[] ports)
        Sets the Port attribute. It restricts the ports to which a cookie may be returned in a Cookie request header.
      • setDiscard

        void setDiscard​(boolean discard)
        Set the Discard attribute. Note: Discard attribute overrides Max-age.
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