Class PrefixKeyHashingScheme

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    public class PrefixKeyHashingScheme
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements KeyHashingScheme
    This is a KeyHashingScheme decorator that simply adds a known prefix to the results of another KeyHashingScheme. Primarily useful for namespacing a shared memcached cluster, for example.
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      java.lang.String hash​(java.lang.String storageKey)
      Maps a storage key to a cache key.
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      • PrefixKeyHashingScheme

        public PrefixKeyHashingScheme​(java.lang.String prefix,
                                      KeyHashingScheme backingScheme)
        Creates a new KeyHashingScheme that prepends the given prefix to the results of hashes from the given backing scheme. Users should be aware that memcached has a fixed maximum key length, so the combination of this prefix plus the results of the backing hashing scheme must still fit within these limits.
        prefix -
        backingScheme -
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      • hash

        public java.lang.String hash​(java.lang.String storageKey)
        Description copied from interface: KeyHashingScheme
        Maps a storage key to a cache key. The storage key is what the higher-level HTTP cache uses as a key; the cache key is what we use as a key for talking to memcached.
        Specified by:
        hash in interface KeyHashingScheme
        storageKey - what the higher-level HTTP cache wants to use as its key for looking up cache entries
        a cache key suitable for use with memcached