Class IdentityDecoder

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ContentDecoder, FileContentDecoder

    public class IdentityDecoder
    extends AbstractContentDecoder
    implements FileContentDecoder
    Content decoder that reads data without any transformation. The end of the content entity is delineated by closing the underlying connection (EOF condition). Entities transferred using this input stream can be of unlimited length.

    This decoder is optimized to transfer data directly from the underlying I/O session's channel to a FileChannel, whenever possible avoiding intermediate buffering in the session buffer.

    • Method Detail

      • setCompleted

        public void setCompleted​(boolean completed)
        Sets the completed status of this decoder. Normally this is not necessary (the decoder will automatically complete when the underlying channel returns EOF). It is useful to mark the decoder as completed if you have some other means to know all the necessary data has been read and want to reuse the underlying connection for more messages.
      • read

        public int read​(ByteBuffer dst)
                 throws IOException
        Description copied from interface: ContentDecoder
        Reads a portion of content from the underlying channel
        Specified by:
        read in interface ContentDecoder
        dst - The buffer into which entity content is to be transferred
        The number of bytes read, possibly zero, or -1 if the channel has reached end-of-stream
        IOException - if I/O error occurs while reading content
      • transfer

        public long transfer​(FileChannel dst,
                             long position,
                             long count)
                      throws IOException
        Description copied from interface: FileContentDecoder
        Transfers a portion of entity content from the underlying network channel into the given file channel.
        Warning: Many implementations cannot write beyond the length of the file. If the position exceeds the channel's size, some implementations may throw an IOException.
        Specified by:
        transfer in interface FileContentDecoder
        dst - the target FileChannel to transfer data into.
        position - The position within the file at which the transfer is to begin; must be non-negative. Must be less than or equal to the size of the file
        count - The maximum number of bytes to be transferred; must be non-negative
        The number of bytes, possibly zero, that were actually transferred
        IOException - if some I/O error occurs.