Interface HttpAsyncResponseProducer

  • All Superinterfaces:
    AutoCloseable, Closeable
    All Known Implementing Classes:
    BasicAsyncResponseProducer, ErrorResponseProducer

    public interface HttpAsyncResponseProducer
    extends Closeable
    HttpAsyncResponseProducer is a callback interface whose methods get invoked to generate an HTTP response message and to stream message content to a non-blocking HTTP connection on the server side.
    • Method Detail

      • generateResponse

        HttpResponse generateResponse()
        Invoked to generate a HTTP response message head.
        HTTP response message.
      • produceContent

        void produceContent​(ContentEncoder encoder,
                            IOControl ioctrl)
                     throws IOException
        Invoked to write out a chunk of content to the ContentEncoder. The IOControl interface can be used to suspend output event notifications if the producer is temporarily unable to produce more content.

        When all content is finished, the producer MUST call ContentEncoder.complete(). Failure to do so may cause the entity to be incorrectly delimited.

        Please note that the ContentEncoder object is not thread-safe and should only be used within the context of this method call. The IOControl object can be shared and used on other thread to resume output event notifications when more content is made available.

        encoder - content encoder.
        ioctrl - I/O control of the underlying connection.
        IOException - in case of an I/O error
      • responseCompleted

        void responseCompleted​(HttpContext context)
        Invoked to signal that the response has been fully written out.
        context - HTTP context
      • failed

        void failed​(Exception ex)
        Invoked to signal that the response processing terminated abnormally.
        ex - exception