Interface NHttpRequestHandler

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    public interface NHttpRequestHandler
    NHttpRequestHandler represents a routine for asynchronous processing of a specific group of non-blocking HTTP requests. Protocol handlers are designed to take care of protocol specific aspects, whereas individual request handlers are expected to take care of application specific HTTP processing. The main purpose of a request handler is to generate a response object with a content entity to be sent back to the client in response to the given request
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        void handle​(HttpRequest request,
                    HttpResponse response,
                    NHttpResponseTrigger trigger,
                    HttpContext context)
             throws HttpException,
        Initiates processing of the request. This method does not have to submit a response immediately. It can defer transmission of the HTTP response back to the client without blocking the I/O thread by delegating the process of handling the HTTP request to a worker thread. The worker thread in its turn can use the instance of NHttpResponseTrigger passed as a parameter to submit a response as at a later point of time once content of the response becomes available.
        request - the HTTP request.
        response - the HTTP response.
        trigger - the response trigger.
        context - the HTTP execution context.
        IOException - in case of an I/O error.
        HttpException - in case of HTTP protocol violation or a processing problem.