Class UriHttpRequestHandlerMapper

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    public class UriHttpRequestHandlerMapper
    extends Object
    implements HttpRequestHandlerMapper
    Maintains a map of HTTP request handlers keyed by a request URI pattern.
    Patterns may have three formats:
    • *
    • *<uri>
    • <uri>*

    This class can be used to map an instance of HttpRequestHandler matching a particular request URI. Usually the mapped request handler will be used to process the request with the specified request URI.
    • Constructor Detail

      • UriHttpRequestHandlerMapper

        public UriHttpRequestHandlerMapper()
    • Method Detail

      • register

        public void register​(String pattern,
                             HttpRequestHandler handler)
        Registers the given HttpRequestHandler as a handler for URIs matching the given pattern.
        pattern - the pattern to register the handler for.
        handler - the handler.
      • unregister

        public void unregister​(String pattern)
        Removes registered handler, if exists, for the given pattern.
        pattern - the pattern to unregister the handler for.