Interface TimeSeries

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    TimeSeriesAverage, TimeSeriesMax, TimeSeriesRecorder

    public interface TimeSeries
    Interface for a time series of the measured values per second, minute, hour and day. The type of the value is arbitrary; it could be cache hits or misses, disk reads or writes, created sessions, completed transactions, or pretty much anything of interest.
    Apache Jackrabbit 2.3.2
    • Method Detail

      • getValuePerSecond

        long[] getValuePerSecond()
        Returns the measured value per second over the last minute.
        measured value per second, in chronological order
      • getValuePerMinute

        long[] getValuePerMinute()
        Returns the measured value per minute over the last hour.
        measured value per minute, in chronological order
      • getValuePerHour

        long[] getValuePerHour()
        Returns the measured value per hour over the last week.
        measured value per hour, in chronological order
      • getValuePerWeek

        long[] getValuePerWeek()
        Returns the measured value per week over the last three years.
        measured value per week, in chronological order
      • getMissingValue

        long getMissingValue()
        The value used to encode missing values i.e. for a period where no value was recorded.
        default value