Class ItemSequence

  • public abstract class ItemSequence
    extends java.lang.Object

    This class serves as main entry point for obtaining sequences of Node s and Propertys. It provides factory methods for creating NodeSequences and PropertySequences.

    NodeSequence and PropertySequence instances provide a flat representation of a JCR hierarchy rooted at a certain node. They allow iterating over all items, retrieving items by key, checking whether a given key is mapped, adding new items and removing existing items.

    The specifics of the mapping from the flat representation to the JCR hierarchy are delegated to a TreeManager. Particularly the TreeManager specifies the order of the items when retrieved as sequence and when and how to add and remove intermediate nodes when new items are inserted or removed.

    An TreeTraverser.ErrorHandler is used to handle exceptions which occur while traversing the hierarchy.

    See Also:
    TreeTraverser, NodeSequence, PropertySequence, TreeManager