Class IllegalRepositoryStateException

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    public class IllegalRepositoryStateException
    extends RuntimeException
    This exception can be thrown by implementers of this API to signal an error condition caused by an invalid state of the repository.

    It's up to the implementation to distinguish between recoverable and unrecoverable error conditions. In case of recoverable error conditions, it's appropriate for an implementation to create a subclass of this exception and expose that subclass as part of its public API. This way, clients of the Content Repository API can catch specific failures, provided that they also want to introduce a dependency to the implementation's API.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • IllegalRepositoryStateException

        public IllegalRepositoryStateException()
      • IllegalRepositoryStateException

        public IllegalRepositoryStateException​(String message)
      • IllegalRepositoryStateException

        public IllegalRepositoryStateException​(String message,
                                               Throwable cause)
      • IllegalRepositoryStateException

        public IllegalRepositoryStateException​(Throwable cause)