Class EmpiricalWeigher

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    public class EmpiricalWeigher
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements Weigher<CacheValue,​CacheValue>
    Determines the weight of object based on the memory taken by them. The memory estimates are based on empirical data and not exact
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      int weigh​(CacheValue key, CacheValue value)
      Returns the weight of a cache entry.
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      • EmpiricalWeigher

        public EmpiricalWeigher()
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      • weigh

        public int weigh​(CacheValue key,
                         CacheValue value)
        Description copied from interface: Weigher
        Returns the weight of a cache entry. There is no unit for entry weights; rather they are simply relative to each other.
        Specified by:
        weigh in interface Weigher<CacheValue,​CacheValue>
        the weight of the entry; must be non-negative