Class EscapeUtils

  • public abstract class EscapeUtils
    extends java.lang.Object
    Utility class to escape '\n', '\r', '\' char while being written to file and unescape then upon getting read from file. This is used by StringSort and ExternalSort to handle data which contains line break. If left unescaped then such data interferes with the processing of such utilities
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      static java.lang.String escapeLineBreak​(@Nullable java.lang.String line)  
      static java.lang.String unescapeLineBreaks​(@Nullable java.lang.String line)  
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      • EscapeUtils

        public EscapeUtils()
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      • escapeLineBreak

        public static java.lang.String escapeLineBreak​(@Nullable
                                                       @Nullable java.lang.String line)
      • unescapeLineBreaks

        public static java.lang.String unescapeLineBreaks​(@Nullable
                                                          @Nullable java.lang.String line)