Interface IndexingContext

  • public interface IndexingContext
    • Method Detail

      • getIndexPath

        java.lang.String getIndexPath()
        Path of the index definition in the repository
        index path in the repository
      • getCommitInfo

        CommitInfo getCommitInfo()
        Commit info associated with commit as part of which IndexEditor is being invoked
      • isReindexing

        boolean isReindexing()
        Flag indicating that index is being reindex
      • isAsync

        boolean isAsync()
        Flag indicating that indexed is being done asynchronously
      • indexUpdateFailed

        void indexUpdateFailed​(java.lang.Exception e)
        Invoked by IndexEditor to indicate that update of index has failed
        e - exception stack for failed updated
      • registerIndexCommitCallback

        void registerIndexCommitCallback​(IndexCommitCallback callback)
        registers IndexCommitCallback instance which can then be notified of how indexing commit progresses.
        callback -