Class AsyncLaneSwitcher

  • public class AsyncLaneSwitcher
    extends Object
    Coordinates the switching of indexing lane for indexes which are to be imported. Its support idempotent operation i.e. if an indexer is switched to temp lane then a repeat of same operation would be no op.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AsyncLaneSwitcher

        public AsyncLaneSwitcher()
    • Method Detail

      • switchLane

        public static void switchLane​(NodeBuilder idxBuilder,
                                      String laneName)
        Make a copy of current async value and replace it with one required for offline reindexing The switch lane operation can be safely repeated and if the index lane is found to be switched already it would not be modified
      • getTempLaneName

        public static String getTempLaneName​(String laneName)
      • revertSwitch

        public static void revertSwitch​(NodeBuilder idxBuilder,
                                        String indexPath)
      • isNone

        public static boolean isNone​(PropertyState previousAsync)