Class ActiveDeletedBlobCollectorMBeanImpl

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      • ActiveDeletedBlobCollectorMBeanImpl

        public ActiveDeletedBlobCollectorMBeanImpl​(@NotNull
                                                   @NotNull activeDeletedBlobCollector,
                                                   @NotNull Whiteboard whiteboard,
                                                   @NotNull NodeStore store,
                                                   @NotNull IndexPathService indexPathService,
                                                   @NotNull AsyncIndexInfoService asyncIndexInfoService,
                                                   @NotNull GarbageCollectableBlobStore blobStore,
                                                   @NotNull java.util.concurrent.Executor executor)
        activeDeletedBlobCollector - deleted index blobs collector
        whiteboard - An instance of Whiteboard. It will be used to get checkpoing manager mbean.
        store - NodeStore instance to access repository state
        indexPathService - IndexPathService instance to collect indexes available in the repository
        asyncIndexInfoService - AsyncIndexInfoService instance to acess state of async indexer lanes
        blobStore - An instance of GarbageCollectableBlobStore. It will be used to purge blobs which have been deleted from lucene indexes.
        executor - executor for running the collection task