Class NamespaceEditorProvider

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    public class NamespaceEditorProvider
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements EditorProvider
    Validator service that checks that all node and property names as well as any name values are syntactically valid and that any namespace prefixes are properly registered.
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      • NamespaceEditorProvider

        public NamespaceEditorProvider()
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      • getRootEditor

        public Editor getRootEditor​(NodeState before,
                                    NodeState after,
                                    NodeBuilder builder,
                                    CommitInfo info)
                             throws CommitFailedException
        Description copied from interface: EditorProvider
        Returns an editor for processing changes between the given two states. Returns null if the changes don't require processing.

        An implementation of this method should generally not compare the given before and after states, as the caller is expected to compare the states and invoke the respective callback methods on the Editor instance returned by this method. Instead the implementation can use the opportunity for other preparatory work.

        Specified by:
        getRootEditor in interface EditorProvider
        before - original root state
        after - modified root state
        builder - node builder based on the after state
        info - metadata associated with this commit
        editor for processing the changes, or null
        CommitFailedException - if processing failed