Class FilteringDispatcher

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    public class FilteringDispatcher
    extends Object
    implements Observer
    Part of the FilteringObserver: the FilteringDispatcher is used to implement the skipping (filtering) of content changes which the FilteringDispatcher flags as NOOP_CHANGE. When the FilteringDispatcher notices a NOOP_CHANGE it does not forward the change but only updates the before NodeState.
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      • contentChanged

        public void contentChanged​(@NotNull
                                   @NotNull NodeState root,
                                   @NotNull CommitInfo info)
        Description copied from interface: Observer
        Observes a content change. See the Observer class javadocs and relevant repository and observer registration details for more information on when and how this method gets called.
        Specified by:
        contentChanged in interface Observer
        root - root state of the repository
        info - commit information