Class UuidPredicate

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Predicate<NodeState>, Predicate<NodeState>

    public class UuidPredicate
    extends Object
    implements Predicate<NodeState>, Predicate<NodeState>
    A predicate for matching against a list of UUIDs. This predicate holds whenever the NodeState passed to its apply functions has a jcr:uuid property and the value of that property matches any of the UUIDs that has been passed to the predicate's constructor.
    • Constructor Detail

      • UuidPredicate

        public UuidPredicate​(@NotNull
                             @NotNull String[] uuids)
        uuids - uuids
    • Method Detail

      • apply

        public boolean apply​(NodeState node)
        use test(NodeState) instead (see OAK-8874)
        Description copied from interface: Predicate
        Returns the result of applying this predicate to input. This method is generally expected, but not absolutely required, to have the following properties:
        • Its execution does not cause any observable side effects.
        • The computation is consistent with equals; that is, Objects.equal(a, b) implies that predicate.apply(a) == predicate.apply(b)).
        Specified by:
        apply in interface Predicate<NodeState>