Class FullTextParser

  • public class FullTextParser
    extends java.lang.Object
    A parser for fulltext condition literals. The grammar is defined in the JCR 2.0 specification, 6.7.19 FullTextSearch, as follows (a bit simplified):
     FullTextSearchLiteral ::= Disjunct {' OR ' Disjunct}
     Disjunct ::= Term {' ' Term}
     Term ::= ['-'] SimpleTerm
     SimpleTerm ::= Word | '"' Word {' ' Word} '"'
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      static FullTextExpression parse​(java.lang.String propertyName, java.lang.String text)  
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      • FullTextParser

        public FullTextParser()
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      • parse

        public static FullTextExpression parse​(java.lang.String propertyName,
                                               java.lang.String text)
                                        throws java.text.ParseException