Interface ExternalIdentity

  • All Known Subinterfaces:
    ExternalGroup, ExternalUser

    public interface ExternalIdentity
    ExternalIdentity defines an identity provided by an external system.
    • Method Detail

      • getExternalId

        @NotNull ExternalIdentityRef getExternalId()
        Returns the id of this identity as used in the external system.
        the external id.
      • getId

        @NotNull String getId()
        Returns the local id of this identity as it would be used in this repository. This usually corresponds to Authorizable.getID()
        the internal id.
      • getIntermediatePath

        @Nullable String getIntermediatePath()
        Returns the desired intermediate relative path of the authorizable to be created. For example, one could map an external hierarchy into the local users and groups hierarchy. The provider must escape all characters so that the path is a valid JCR path. The path is always considered relative, even if it starts with a '/'.
        the intermediate path or null or empty.
      • getProperties

        @NotNull Map<String,​?> getProperties()
        Returns a map of properties of this external identity.
        the properties