Class CompositePrincipalConfiguration

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      • CompositePrincipalConfiguration

        public CompositePrincipalConfiguration()
      • CompositePrincipalConfiguration

        public CompositePrincipalConfiguration​(@NotNull
                                               @NotNull SecurityProvider securityProvider)
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      • getPrincipalProvider

        public @NotNull PrincipalProvider getPrincipalProvider​(Root root,
                                                               NamePathMapper namePathMapper)
        Description copied from interface: PrincipalConfiguration
        Returns an instance of the OAK PrincipalProvider.

        Backwards compatibility with Jackrabbit 2.x

        Configuration of Principal Providers

        In Jackrabbit 2.x the configuration of principal providers was tied to the LoginModule configuration and thus mixing authentication concerns with the principal management. Since OAK makes the PrincipalProvider a public interface of the SPI, it's configuration goes along with the configuration of the JCR level PrincipalManager. The authentication setup may have access to the principal configuration if the SecurityProvider is made available in the AuthenticationConfiguration.

        Multiple Sources for Principals

        In Jackrabbit 2.x it was possible to configure multiple principal providers. As of OAK there is only one single principal provider implementation responsible for a given configuration. If principals originate from different sources it is recommended to define a separate PrincipalConfiguration for each source.
        Specified by:
        getPrincipalProvider in interface PrincipalConfiguration
        root - The target Root.
        namePathMapper - The NamePathMapper to be used.
        An instance of PrincipalProvider.