Class RepositoryCopier

  • public class RepositoryCopier
    extends java.lang.Object
    Repository Copier that copies content from a source to a destination repository.
    • Constructor Detail

      • RepositoryCopier

        public RepositoryCopier()
    • Method Detail

      • getBatchSize

        public int getBatchSize()
      • setBatchSize

        public void setBatchSize​(int batchSize)
      • getThrottle

        public long getThrottle()
      • setThrottle

        public void setThrottle​(long throttle)
      • setSourceFilter

        public void setSourceFilter​(WorkspaceFilter srcFilter)
      • setOnlyNewer

        public void setOnlyNewer​(boolean onlyNewer)
      • setUpdate

        public void setUpdate​(boolean update)
      • isNoOrdering

        public boolean isNoOrdering()
      • setNoOrdering

        public void setNoOrdering​(boolean noOrdering)
      • isOnlyNewer

        public boolean isOnlyNewer()
      • isUpdate

        public boolean isUpdate()
      • getResumeFrom

        public java.lang.String getResumeFrom()
      • setResumeFrom

        public void setResumeFrom​(java.lang.String resumeFrom)
      • getLastKnownGood

        public java.lang.String getLastKnownGood()
      • getCurrentPath

        public java.lang.String getCurrentPath()
      • getCurrentNumNodes

        public int getCurrentNumNodes()
      • getTotalNodes

        public int getTotalNodes()
      • getTotalSize

        public long getTotalSize()
      • getCurrentSize

        public long getCurrentSize()
      • abort

        public void abort()
      • copy

        public void copy​(Session srcSession,
                         java.lang.String srcPath,
                         Session dstSession,
                         java.lang.String dstPath,
                         boolean recursive)
      • setCredentialsProvider

        public void setCredentialsProvider​(CredentialsProvider credentialsProvider)