Class SimpleLockManager

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    public class SimpleLockManager
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements LockManager
    Simple manager for webdav locks.
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      ActiveLock createLock​(LockInfo lockInfo, DavResource resource)
      Adds the lock for the given resource, replacing any existing lock.
      ActiveLock getLock​(Type type, Scope scope, DavResource resource)
      Returns the lock applying to the given resource or null if no lock can be found.
      boolean hasLock​(java.lang.String lockToken, DavResource resource)
      Returns true, if the the manager contains a lock for the given resource, that is hold by the specified token.
      ActiveLock refreshLock​(LockInfo lockInfo, java.lang.String lockToken, DavResource resource)
      Refresh the lock identified by the given lockToken and initially created on the specified resource.
      void releaseLock​(java.lang.String lockToken, DavResource resource)
      Remove the lock hold by the given resource.
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