Interface ActivityResource

  • All Superinterfaces:
    DavResource, DeltaVResource

    public interface ActivityResource
    extends DeltaVResource
    An activity is a resource that selects a set of versions that are on a single "line of descent", where a line of descent is a sequence of versions connected by successor relationships. If an activity selects versions from multiple version histories, the versions selected in each version history must be on a single line of descent.

    RFC 3253 defines the following required live properties for an Activity resource.

    The Activity resource must support all methods defined for a DeltaV-compliant resource. Since no additional methods are required for an activity this interface mainly acts as marker.

    Please refer to RFC 3253 Section 13 for a complete description of this resource type.

    • Field Detail


        static final DavPropertyName ACTIVITY_VERSION_SET
        The computed DAV:activity-version-set property identifies each version whose DAV:activity-set property identifies this activity. Multiple versions of a single version history can be selected by an activity's DAV:activity-version-set property, but all DAV:activity-version-set versions from a given version history must be on a single line of descent from the root version of that version history.

        Note that the DAV:activity-version-set represents a HrefProperty


        static final DavPropertyName ACTIVITY_CHECKOUT_SET
        The computed DAV:activity-checkout-set property identifies each checked-out resource whose DAV:activity-set identifies this activity.

        Note that the DAV:activity-checkout-set represents a HrefProperty


        static final DavPropertyName SUBACTIVITY_SET
        The DAV:subactivity-set property identifies each activity that forms a part of the logical change being captured by this activity. An activity behaves as if its DAV:activity-version-set is extended by the DAV:activity-version-set of each activity identified in the DAV:subactivity-set. In particular, the versions in this extended set MUST be on a single line of descent, and when an activity selects a version for merging, the latest version in this extended set is the one that will be merged.

        A server MAY reject attempts to modify the DAV:subactivity-set of an activity. Note that the DAV:subactivity-set represents a HrefProperty


        static final DavPropertyName CURRENT_WORKSPACE_SET
        The computed DAV:current-workspace-set property identifies identifies each workspace whose DAV:current-activity-set identifies this activity.

        Note that the DAV:current-workspace-set represents a HrefProperty