Interface VersionableResource

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    DavResource, DeltaVResource
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    public interface VersionableResource
    extends DeltaVResource
    VersionableResource represents an extension to the basic DeltaVResource, that allows to adding version-control support. By calling addVersionControl() resource is put under version control, thus the versionable resource turns into a version controlled resource.

    RFC 3253 defines the following required properties for a versionable resource:

    • DAV:workspace (workspace feature)
    • DAV:version-controlled-configuration (baseline feature)
    • all DeltaV-compliant resource properties

    In addition a versionable resource must support the following METHODS:

    • all DeltaV-compliant resource METHODS.
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      • addVersionControl

        void addVersionControl()
                        throws DavException
        Converts this versionable resource into a version-controlled resource. If this resource is already version-controlled this resource is not affected. If however, this resource is not versionable an DavException (error code: HttpServletResponse.SC_METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED is thrown. The same applies, if this resource is versionable but its current state does not allow to made it a version-controlled one or if any other error occurs.