Class PropertyConfigurator

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    public class PropertyConfigurator
    extends Object
    implements Configurator
    An nop implementation of PropertyConfigurator.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PropertyConfigurator

        public PropertyConfigurator()
    • Method Detail

      • configure

        public static void configure​(Properties properties)
      • configure

        public static void configure​(String configFilename)
      • configure

        public static void configure​(URL configURL)
      • configureAndWatch

        public static void configureAndWatch​(String configFilename)
      • configureAndWatch

        public static void configureAndWatch​(String configFilename,
                                             long delay)
      • doConfigure

        public void doConfigure​(URL configURL,
                                LoggerRepository hierarchy)
        Description copied from interface: Configurator
        Interpret a resource pointed by a URL and set up log4j accordingly. The configuration is done relative to the hierarchy parameter.
        Specified by:
        doConfigure in interface Configurator
        configURL - The URL to parse
        hierarchy - The hierarchy to operation upon.