Class HunspellStemFilterFactory

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    public class HunspellStemFilterFactory
    extends TokenFilterFactory
    implements ResourceLoaderAware
    TokenFilterFactory that creates instances of HunspellStemFilter. Example config for British English including a custom dictionary, case insensitive matching:
     <filter class="solr.HunspellStemFilterFactory"
        ignoreCase="true" />
    Both parameters dictionary and affix are mandatory.
    The parameter ignoreCase (true/false) controls whether matching is case sensitive or not. Default false.
    The parameter strictAffixParsing (true/false) controls whether the affix parsing is strict or not. Default true. If strict an error while reading an affix rule causes a ParseException, otherwise is ignored.
    Dictionaries for many languages are available through the OpenOffice project. See
    • Constructor Detail

      • HunspellStemFilterFactory

        public HunspellStemFilterFactory​(Map<String,​String> args)
        Creates a new HunspellStemFilterFactory