Class FacetsConfig

  • public class FacetsConfig
    extends Object
    Records per-dimension configuration. By default a dimension is flat, single valued and does not require count for the dimension; use the setters in this class to change these settings for each dim.

    NOTE: this configuration is not saved into the index, but it's vital, and up to the application to ensure, that at search time the provided FacetsConfig matches what was used during indexing.

    • Field Detail


        public static final String DEFAULT_INDEX_FIELD_NAME
        Which Lucene field holds the drill-downs and ords (as doc values).
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values

        public static final FacetsConfig.DimConfig DEFAULT_DIM_CONFIG
        Default per-dimension configuration.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FacetsConfig

        public FacetsConfig()
        Default constructor.
    • Method Detail

      • setHierarchical

        public void setHierarchical​(String dimName,
                                    boolean v)
        Pass true if this dimension is hierarchical (has depth > 1 paths).
      • setMultiValued

        public void setMultiValued​(String dimName,
                                   boolean v)
        Pass true if this dimension may have more than one value per document.
      • setRequireDimCount

        public void setRequireDimCount​(String dimName,
                                       boolean v)
        Pass true if at search time you require accurate counts of the dimension, i.e. how many hits have this dimension.
      • setIndexFieldName

        public void setIndexFieldName​(String dimName,
                                      String indexFieldName)
        Specify which index field name should hold the ordinals for this dimension; this is only used by the taxonomy based facet methods.
      • pathToString

        public static String pathToString​(String dim,
                                          String[] path)
        Turns a dim + path into an encoded string.
      • pathToString

        public static String pathToString​(String[] path)
        Turns a dim + path into an encoded string.
      • pathToString

        public static String pathToString​(String[] path,
                                          int length)
        Turns the first length elements of path into an encoded string.