Class TotalTermFreqValueSource

  • public class TotalTermFreqValueSource
    extends ValueSource
    TotalTermFreqValueSource returns the total term freq (sum of term freqs across all documents). Returns -1 if frequencies were omitted for the field, or if the codec doesn't support this statistic.
    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      TotalTermFreqValueSource​(java.lang.String field, java.lang.String val, java.lang.String indexedField, BytesRef indexedBytes)  
    • Constructor Detail

      • TotalTermFreqValueSource

        public TotalTermFreqValueSource​(java.lang.String field,
                                        java.lang.String val,
                                        java.lang.String indexedField,
                                        BytesRef indexedBytes)
    • Method Detail

      • name

        public java.lang.String name()
      • description

        public java.lang.String description()
        Description copied from class: ValueSource
        description of field, used in explain()
        Specified by:
        description in class ValueSource
      • getValues

        public FunctionValues getValues​(java.util.Map context,
                                        AtomicReaderContext readerContext)
        Description copied from class: ValueSource
        Gets the values for this reader and the context that was previously passed to createWeight()
        Specified by:
        getValues in class ValueSource
      • createWeight

        public void createWeight​(java.util.Map context,
                                 IndexSearcher searcher)
        Description copied from class: ValueSource
        Implementations should propagate createWeight to sub-ValueSources which can optionally store weight info in the context. The context object will be passed to getValues() where this info can be retrieved.
        createWeight in class ValueSource
      • equals

        public boolean equals​(java.lang.Object o)
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        equals in class ValueSource