Class QueryParser

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    public class QueryParser
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements QueryParserConstants
    This class is generated by JavaCC. The only method that clients should need to call is parse().

    This parser generates queries that make use of position information (Span queries). It provides positional operators (w and n) that accept a numeric distance, as well as boolean operators (and, or, and not, wildcards (* and ?), quoting (with "), and boosting (via ^).

    The operators (W, N, AND, OR, NOT) can be expressed lower-cased or upper-cased, and the non-unary operators (everything but NOT) support both infix (a AND b AND c) and prefix AND(a, b, c) notation.

    The W and N operators express a positional relationship among their operands. N is ordered, and W is unordered. The distance is 1 by default, meaning the operands are adjacent, or may be provided as a prefix from 2-99. So, for example, 3W(a, b) means that terms a and b must appear within three positions of each other, or in other words, up to two terms may appear between a and b.