Class DistanceQuery

    • Constructor Detail

      • DistanceQuery

        public DistanceQuery​(java.util.List<SrndQuery> queries,
                             boolean infix,
                             int opDistance,
                             java.lang.String opName,
                             boolean ordered)
    • Method Detail

      • getOpDistance

        public int getOpDistance()
      • subQueriesOrdered

        public boolean subQueriesOrdered()
      • distanceSubQueryNotAllowed

        public java.lang.String distanceSubQueryNotAllowed()
        Description copied from interface: DistanceSubQuery
        When distanceSubQueryNotAllowed() returns non null, the reason why the subquery is not allowed as a distance subquery is returned.
        When distanceSubQueryNotAllowed() returns null addSpanNearQueries() can be used in the creation of the span near clause for the subquery.
        Specified by:
        distanceSubQueryNotAllowed in interface DistanceSubQuery
      • getSpanNearQuery

        public Query getSpanNearQuery​(IndexReader reader,
                                      java.lang.String fieldName,
                                      float boost,
                                      BasicQueryFactory qf)