Class SpanWeight

    • Method Detail

      • getQuery

        public Query getQuery()
        Description copied from class: Weight
        The query that this concerns.
        Specified by:
        getQuery in class Weight
      • normalize

        public void normalize​(float queryNorm,
                              float topLevelBoost)
        Description copied from class: Weight
        Assigns the query normalization factor and boost from parent queries to this.
        Specified by:
        normalize in class Weight
      • scorer

        public Scorer scorer​(AtomicReaderContext context,
                             boolean scoreDocsInOrder,
                             boolean topScorer,
                             Bits acceptDocs)
                      throws IOException
        Description copied from class: Weight
        Returns a Scorer which scores documents in/out-of order according to scoreDocsInOrder.

        NOTE: even if scoreDocsInOrder is false, it is recommended to check whether the returned Scorer indeed scores documents out of order (i.e., call Weight.scoresDocsOutOfOrder()), as some Scorer implementations will always return documents in-order.
        NOTE: null can be returned if no documents will be scored by this query.

        Specified by:
        scorer in class Weight
        context - the AtomicReaderContext for which to return the Scorer.
        scoreDocsInOrder - specifies whether in-order scoring of documents is required. Note that if set to false (i.e., out-of-order scoring is required), this method can return whatever scoring mode it supports, as every in-order scorer is also an out-of-order one. However, an out-of-order scorer may not support DocIdSetIterator.nextDoc() and/or DocIdSetIterator.advance(int), therefore it is recommended to request an in-order scorer if use of these methods is required.
        topScorer - if true, Scorer.score(Collector) will be called; if false, DocIdSetIterator.nextDoc() and/or DocIdSetIterator.advance(int) will be called.
        acceptDocs - Bits that represent the allowable docs to match (typically deleted docs but possibly filtering other documents)
        a Scorer which scores documents in/out-of order.
        IOException - if there is a low-level I/O error