Class AnalyzingSuggester

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    public class AnalyzingSuggester
    extends Lookup
    Suggester that first analyzes the surface form, adds the analyzed form to a weighted FST, and then does the same thing at lookup time. This means lookup is based on the analyzed form while suggestions are still the surface form(s).

    This can result in powerful suggester functionality. For example, if you use an analyzer removing stop words, then the partial text "ghost chr..." could see the suggestion "The Ghost of Christmas Past". Note that position increments MUST NOT be preserved for this example to work, so you should call the constructor with preservePositionIncrements parameter set to false

    If SynonymFilter is used to map wifi and wireless network to hotspot then the partial text "wirele..." could suggest "wifi router". Token normalization like stemmers, accent removal, etc., would allow suggestions to ignore such variations.

    When two matching suggestions have the same weight, they are tie-broken by the analyzed form. If their analyzed form is the same then the order is undefined.

    There are some limitations:

    • A lookup from a query like "net" in English won't be any different than "net " (ie, user added a trailing space) because analyzers don't reflect when they've seen a token separator and when they haven't.
    • If you're using StopFilter, and the user will type "fast apple", but so far all they've typed is "fast a", again because the analyzer doesn't convey whether it's seen a token separator after the "a", StopFilter will remove that "a" causing far more matches than you'd expect.
    • Lookups with the empty string return no results instead of all results.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AnalyzingSuggester

        public AnalyzingSuggester​(Analyzer indexAnalyzer,
                                  Analyzer queryAnalyzer,
                                  int options,
                                  int maxSurfaceFormsPerAnalyzedForm,
                                  int maxGraphExpansions,
                                  boolean preservePositionIncrements)
        Creates a new suggester.
        indexAnalyzer - Analyzer that will be used for analyzing suggestions while building the index.
        queryAnalyzer - Analyzer that will be used for analyzing query text during lookup
        options - see EXACT_FIRST, PRESERVE_SEP
        maxSurfaceFormsPerAnalyzedForm - Maximum number of surface forms to keep for a single analyzed form. When there are too many surface forms we discard the lowest weighted ones.
        maxGraphExpansions - Maximum number of graph paths to expand from the analyzed form. Set this to -1 for no limit.
        preservePositionIncrements - Whether position holes should appear in the automata
    • Method Detail

      • sizeInBytes

        public long sizeInBytes()
        Returns byte size of the underlying FST.
        Specified by:
        sizeInBytes in class Lookup
        ram size of the lookup implementation in bytes
      • build

        public void build​(InputIterator iterator)
        Description copied from class: Lookup
        Builds up a new internal Lookup representation based on the given InputIterator. The implementation might re-sort the data internally.
        Specified by:
        build in class Lookup
      • store

        public boolean store​(DataOutput output)
        Description copied from class: Lookup
        Persist the constructed lookup data to a directory. Optional operation.
        Specified by:
        store in class Lookup
        output - DataOutput to write the data to.
        true if successful, false if unsuccessful or not supported.
        Throws: - when fatal IO error occurs.
      • load

        public boolean load​(DataInput input)
        Description copied from class: Lookup
        Discard current lookup data and load it from a previously saved copy. Optional operation.
        Specified by:
        load in class Lookup
        input - the DataInput to load the lookup data.
        true if completed successfully, false if unsuccessful or not supported.
        Throws: - when fatal IO error occurs.
      • lookup

        public java.util.List<Lookup.LookupResult> lookup​(java.lang.CharSequence key,
                                                          boolean onlyMorePopular,
                                                          int num)
        Description copied from class: Lookup
        Look up a key and return possible completion for this key.
        Specified by:
        lookup in class Lookup
        key - lookup key. Depending on the implementation this may be a prefix, misspelling, or even infix.
        onlyMorePopular - return only more popular results
        num - maximum number of results to return
        a list of possible completions, with their relative weight (e.g. popularity)
      • getCount

        public long getCount()
        Description copied from class: Lookup
        Get the number of entries the lookup was built with
        Specified by:
        getCount in class Lookup
        total number of suggester entries
      • get

        public java.lang.Object get​(java.lang.CharSequence key)
        Returns the weight associated with an input string, or null if it does not exist.