Class BasicAutomata

  • public final class BasicAutomata
    extends Object
    Construction of basic automata.
    • Method Detail

      • makeEmpty

        public static Automaton makeEmpty()
        Returns a new (deterministic) automaton with the empty language.
      • makeEmptyString

        public static Automaton makeEmptyString()
        Returns a new (deterministic) automaton that accepts only the empty string.
      • makeAnyString

        public static Automaton makeAnyString()
        Returns a new (deterministic) automaton that accepts all strings.
      • makeAnyChar

        public static Automaton makeAnyChar()
        Returns a new (deterministic) automaton that accepts any single codepoint.
      • makeChar

        public static Automaton makeChar​(int c)
        Returns a new (deterministic) automaton that accepts a single codepoint of the given value.
      • makeCharRange

        public static Automaton makeCharRange​(int min,
                                              int max)
        Returns a new (deterministic) automaton that accepts a single codepoint whose value is in the given interval (including both end points).
      • makeInterval

        public static Automaton makeInterval​(int min,
                                             int max,
                                             int digits)
                                      throws IllegalArgumentException
        Returns a new automaton that accepts strings representing decimal non-negative integers in the given interval.
        min - minimal value of interval
        max - maximal value of interval (both end points are included in the interval)
        digits - if >0, use fixed number of digits (strings must be prefixed by 0's to obtain the right length) - otherwise, the number of digits is not fixed
        IllegalArgumentException - if min>max or if numbers in the interval cannot be expressed with the given fixed number of digits
      • makeString

        public static Automaton makeString​(String s)
        Returns a new (deterministic) automaton that accepts the single given string.
      • makeString

        public static Automaton makeString​(int[] word,
                                           int offset,
                                           int length)
      • makeStringUnion

        public static Automaton makeStringUnion​(Collection<BytesRef> utf8Strings)
        Returns a new (deterministic and minimal) automaton that accepts the union of the given collection of BytesRefs representing UTF-8 encoded strings.
        utf8Strings - The input strings, UTF-8 encoded. The collection must be in sorted order.
        An Automaton accepting all input strings. The resulting automaton is codepoint based (full unicode codepoints on transitions).