Class LevenshteinAutomata

  • public class LevenshteinAutomata
    extends Object
    Class to construct DFAs that match a word within some edit distance.

    Implements the algorithm described in: Schulz and Mihov: Fast String Correction with Levenshtein Automata

    • Field Detail


        public static final int MAXIMUM_SUPPORTED_DISTANCE
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    • Constructor Detail

      • LevenshteinAutomata

        public LevenshteinAutomata​(String input,
                                   boolean withTranspositions)
        Create a new LevenshteinAutomata for some input String. Optionally count transpositions as a primitive edit.
      • LevenshteinAutomata

        public LevenshteinAutomata​(int[] word,
                                   int alphaMax,
                                   boolean withTranspositions)
        Expert: specify a custom maximum possible symbol (alphaMax); default is Character.MAX_CODE_POINT.
    • Method Detail

      • toAutomaton

        public Automaton toAutomaton​(int n)
        Compute a DFA that accepts all strings within an edit distance of n.

        All automata have the following properties:

        • They are deterministic (DFA).
        • There are no transitions to dead states.
        • They are not minimal (some transitions could be combined).