Class EscherClientDataRecord

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    public class EscherClientDataRecord
    extends EscherRecord
    The EscherClientDataRecord is used to store client specific data about the position of a shape within a container.
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      • EscherClientDataRecord

        public EscherClientDataRecord()
    • Method Detail

      • fillFields

        public int fillFields​(byte[] data,
                              int offset,
                              EscherRecordFactory recordFactory)
        Description copied from class: EscherRecord
        The contract of this method is to deserialize an escher record including it's children.
        Specified by:
        fillFields in class EscherRecord
        data - The byte array containing the serialized escher records.
        offset - The offset into the byte array.
        recordFactory - A factory for creating new escher records.
        The number of bytes written.
      • serialize

        public int serialize​(int offset,
                             byte[] data,
                             EscherSerializationListener listener)
        Description copied from class: EscherRecord
        Serializes the record to an existing byte array.
        Specified by:
        serialize in class EscherRecord
        offset - the offset within the byte array
        data - the data array to serialize to
        listener - a listener for begin and end serialization events. This is useful because the serialization is hierarchical/recursive and sometimes you need to be able break into that.
        the number of bytes written.
      • getRecordSize

        public int getRecordSize()
        Description copied from class: EscherRecord
        Subclasses should effeciently return the number of bytes required to serialize the record.
        Specified by:
        getRecordSize in class EscherRecord
        number of bytes
      • getRecordId

        public short getRecordId()
        Description copied from class: EscherRecord
        Return the current record id.
        getRecordId in class EscherRecord
        The 16 bit record id.
      • getRecordName

        public java.lang.String getRecordName()
        Description copied from class: EscherRecord
        Subclasses should return the short name for this escher record.
        Specified by:
        getRecordName in class EscherRecord
        the short name for this escher record
      • getRemainingData

        public byte[] getRemainingData()
        Any data recording this record.
        the remaining bytes
      • setRemainingData

        public void setRemainingData​(byte[] remainingData)
        Any data recording this record.
        remainingData - the remaining bytes