Class Chunk

  • public final class Chunk
    extends java.lang.Object
    Base of all chunks, which hold data, flags etc
    • Method Detail

      • _getContents

        public byte[] _getContents()
      • getSeparator

        public ChunkSeparator getSeparator()
        Gets the separator between this chunk and the next, if it exists
        the separator
      • getTrailer

        public ChunkTrailer getTrailer()
        Gets the trailer for this chunk, if it exists
        the trailer
      • getCommandDefinitions

        public ChunkFactory.CommandDefinition[] getCommandDefinitions()
        Gets the command definitions, which define and describe much of the data held by the chunk.
        the command definitions
      • getName

        public java.lang.String getName()
        Get the name of the chunk, as found from the CommandDefinitions
        the name of the chunk
      • getOnDiskSize

        public int getOnDiskSize()
        Returns the size of the chunk, including any headers, trailers and separators.
        the size of the chunk