Class PointerV5

  • public final class PointerV5
    extends Pointer
    A Pointer from v5
    • Constructor Detail

      • PointerV5

        public PointerV5()
    • Method Detail

      • getSizeInBytes

        public int getSizeInBytes()
        With v6 pointers, the on-disk size is 16 bytes
        Specified by:
        getSizeInBytes in class Pointer
      • getNumPointersOffset

        public int getNumPointersOffset​(byte[] data)
        Depends on the type only, not stored
        Specified by:
        getNumPointersOffset in class Pointer
      • getNumPointers

        public int getNumPointers​(int offset,
                                  byte[] data)
        16 bit int at the given offset
        Specified by:
        getNumPointers in class Pointer
      • getPostNumPointersSkip

        public int getPostNumPointersSkip()
        Just the 2 bytes of the number of pointers
        Specified by:
        getPostNumPointersSkip in class Pointer