Class CompressedRTF

  • public final class CompressedRTF
    extends LZWDecompresser
    Within a HMEFMessage, the content is often stored in as RTF, but LZW compressed. This class handles decompressing it for you.
    • Field Detail


        public static final int COMPRESSED_SIGNATURE_INT

        public static final int UNCOMPRESSED_SIGNATURE_INT
    • Constructor Detail

      • CompressedRTF

        public CompressedRTF()
    • Method Detail

      • decompress

        public void decompress​( src,
        Decompresses the whole of the compressed RTF stream, outputting the resulting RTF bytes. Note - will decompress any padding at the end of the input, if present, use getDeCompressedSize() if you need to know how much of the result is real. (Padding may be up to 7 bytes).
        decompress in class LZWDecompresser
      • getCompressedSize

        public int getCompressedSize()
        Returns how big the compressed version was.
      • getDeCompressedSize

        public int getDeCompressedSize()
        Returns how big the decompressed version was.