Class CurrentUserAtom

  • public class CurrentUserAtom
    extends Object
    This is a special kind of Atom, because it doesn't live inside the PowerPoint document. Instead, it lives in a separate stream in the document. As such, it has to be treated specially
    • Constructor Detail

      • CurrentUserAtom

        public CurrentUserAtom()
        Create a new Current User Atom
    • Method Detail

      • getDocFinalVersion

        public int getDocFinalVersion()
      • getDocMajorNo

        public byte getDocMajorNo()
      • getDocMinorNo

        public byte getDocMinorNo()
      • getReleaseVersion

        public long getReleaseVersion()
      • setReleaseVersion

        public void setReleaseVersion​(long rv)
      • getCurrentEditOffset

        public long getCurrentEditOffset()
        Points to the UserEditAtom
      • setCurrentEditOffset

        public void setCurrentEditOffset​(long id)
      • getLastEditUsername

        public String getLastEditUsername()
      • setLastEditUsername

        public void setLastEditUsername​(String u)
      • isEncrypted

        public boolean isEncrypted()
      • setEncrypted

        public void setEncrypted​(boolean isEncrypted)