Class ExControl

  • public final class ExControl
    extends ExEmbed
    A container record that specifies information about an ActiveX control. It contains:

    1. ExControlAtom (4091) 2. ExOleObjAtom (4035) 3. CString (4026), Instance MenuName (1) used for menus and the Links dialog box. 4. CString (4026), Instance ProgID (2) that stores the OLE Programmatic Identifier. A ProgID is a string that uniquely identifies a given object. 5. CString (4026), Instance ClipboardName (3) that appears in the paste special dialog. 6. MetaFile( 4033), optional

    • Constructor Detail

      • ExControl

        public ExControl()
        Create a new ExEmbed, with blank fields
    • Method Detail

      • getRecordType

        public long getRecordType()
        Returns the type (held as a little endian in bytes 3 and 4) that this class handles.
        getRecordType in class ExEmbed
        the record type.