Class NotesAtom

  • public final class NotesAtom
    extends RecordAtom
    A Notes Atom (type 1009). Holds information on the parent Notes, such as what slide it is tied to
    • Method Detail

      • getSlideID

        public int getSlideID()
      • setSlideID

        public void setSlideID​(int id)
      • getFollowMasterObjects

        public boolean getFollowMasterObjects()
      • getFollowMasterScheme

        public boolean getFollowMasterScheme()
      • getFollowMasterBackground

        public boolean getFollowMasterBackground()
      • setFollowMasterObjects

        public void setFollowMasterObjects​(boolean flag)
      • setFollowMasterScheme

        public void setFollowMasterScheme​(boolean flag)
      • setFollowMasterBackground

        public void setFollowMasterBackground​(boolean flag)
      • getRecordType

        public long getRecordType()
        We are of type 1009
        Specified by:
        getRecordType in class Record
      • writeOut

        public void writeOut​( out)
        Write the contents of the record back, so it can be written to disk
        Specified by:
        writeOut in class Record