Class SlideListWithText.SlideAtomsSet

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class SlideListWithText.SlideAtomsSet
    extends java.lang.Object
    Inner class to wrap up a matching set of records that hold the text for a given sheet. Contains the leading SlidePersistAtom, and all of the records until the next SlidePersistAtom. This includes sets of TextHeaderAtom and TextBytesAtom/TextCharsAtom, along with some others.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SlideAtomsSet

        public SlideAtomsSet​(SlidePersistAtom s,
                             Record[] r)
        Create one to hold the Records for one Slide's text
    • Method Detail

      • getSlidePersistAtom

        public SlidePersistAtom getSlidePersistAtom()
        Get the SlidePersistAtom, which gives details on the Slide this text is associated with
      • getSlideRecords

        public Record[] getSlideRecords()
        Get the Text related records for this slide