Class TxMasterStyleAtom

  • public final class TxMasterStyleAtom
    extends RecordAtom
    TxMasterStyleAtom atom (4003).

    Stores default character and paragraph styles. The atom instance value is the text type and is encoded like the txstyle field in TextHeaderAtom. The text styles are located in the MainMaster container, except for the "other" style, which is in the Document.Environment container.

    This atom can store up to 5 pairs of paragraph+character styles, each pair describes an indent level. The first pair describes first-level paragraph with no indentation.

    • Field Detail

      • MAX_INDENT

        public static final int MAX_INDENT
        Maximum number of indentation levels allowed in PowerPoint documents
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values
    • Method Detail

      • writeOut

        public void writeOut​( out)
        Write the contents of the record back, so it can be written to disk
        Specified by:
        writeOut in class Record
      • getCharacterStyles

        public java.util.List<TextPropCollection> getCharacterStyles()
        Returns array of character styles defined in this record.
        character styles defined in this record
      • getParagraphStyles

        public java.util.List<TextPropCollection> getParagraphStyles()
        Returns array of paragraph styles defined in this record.
        paragraph styles defined in this record
      • getTextType

        public int getTextType()
        Return type of the text. Must be a constant defined in TextHeaderAtom
        type of the text
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      • updateStyles

        public void updateStyles()
        Updates the rawdata from the modified paragraph/character styles
        POI 3.14-beta1