Class AttachmentChunks

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class AttachmentChunks
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements ChunkGroup
    Collection of convenience chunks for standard parts of the MSG file attachment.
    • Field Detail

      • attachRenderingWMF

        public ByteChunk attachRenderingWMF
        This is in WMF Format. You'll probably want to pass it to Apache Batik to turn it into a SVG that you can then display.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AttachmentChunks

        public AttachmentChunks​(java.lang.String poifsName)
    • Method Detail

      • isEmbeddedMessage

        public boolean isEmbeddedMessage()
        Is this Attachment an embedded MAPI message?
      • getEmbeddedMessage

        public MAPIMessage getEmbeddedMessage()
        Returns the embedded MAPI message, if the attachment is an embedded message, or null otherwise
      • getEmbeddedAttachmentObject

        public byte[] getEmbeddedAttachmentObject()
        Returns the embedded object, if the attachment is an object based embedding (image, document etc), or null if it's an embedded message
      • getAll

        public Chunk[] getAll()
      • getChunks

        public Chunk[] getChunks()
        Description copied from interface: ChunkGroup
        Returns the chunks that make up the group. Should certainly contain all the interesting Chunks, but needn't always contain all of the Chunks.
        Specified by:
        getChunks in interface ChunkGroup
      • getPOIFSName

        public java.lang.String getPOIFSName()
      • getAttachData

        public ByteChunk getAttachData()
        the ATTACH_DATA chunk
      • getAttachExtension

        public StringChunk getAttachExtension()
        the attachment extension
      • getAttachFileName

        public StringChunk getAttachFileName()
        the attachment (short) filename
      • getAttachLongFileName

        public StringChunk getAttachLongFileName()
        the attachment (long) filename
      • getAttachMimeTag

        public StringChunk getAttachMimeTag()
        the attachment mimetag
      • getAttachmentDirectory

        public DirectoryChunk getAttachmentDirectory()
        the attachment directory
      • getAttachRenderingWMF

        public ByteChunk getAttachRenderingWMF()
        the attachment preview bytes
      • getAttachContentId

        public StringChunk getAttachContentId()
        the attachment content ID
      • record

        public void record​(Chunk chunk)
        Called by the parser whenever a chunk is found.
        Specified by:
        record in interface ChunkGroup
      • chunksComplete

        public void chunksComplete()
        Used to flag that all the chunks of the attachment have now been located.
        Specified by:
        chunksComplete in interface ChunkGroup