Class BiffViewer

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      • main

        public static void main​(String[] args)
                         throws IOException,
        Method main with 1 argument just run straight biffview against given file


        BiffViewer [--biffhex] [--noint] [--noescher] [--out] <fileName>

        BiffViewer --rawhex [--out] <fileName>

        --biffhexshow hex dump of each BIFF record
        --nointdo not output interpretation of BIFF records
        --outsend output to <fileName>.out
        --rawhexoutput raw hex dump of whole workbook stream
        --escherturn on deserialization of escher records (default is off)
        --noheaderdo not print record header (default is on)
        args - the command line arguments
        IOException - if the file doesn't exist or contained errors - if the command line contained errors