Class AbortableHSSFListener

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    public abstract class AbortableHSSFListener
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements HSSFListener
    Abstract class for use with the HSSFRequest and HSSFEventFactory, which allows for the halting of processing. Users should create subclass of this (which implements the usual HSSFListener), and then override the #abortableProcessRecord(Record) method to do their processing. This should then be registered with the HSSFRequest (associating it with Record SID's) as usual.
    See Also:
    HSSFEventFactory, HSSFRequest, HSSFUserException
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbortableHSSFListener

        public AbortableHSSFListener()
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      • processRecord

        public void processRecord​(Record record)
        This method, inherited from HSSFListener is implemented as a stub. It is never called by HSSFEventFactory or HSSFRequest. You should implement #abortableProcessRecord instead
        Specified by:
        processRecord in interface HSSFListener
        record - the record to be processed
      • abortableProcessRecord

        public abstract short abortableProcessRecord​(Record record)
                                              throws HSSFUserException
        Process an HSSF Record. Called when a record occurs in an HSSF file. Provides two options for halting the processing of the HSSF file. The return value provides a means of non-error termination with a user-defined result code. A value of zero must be returned to continue processing, any other value will halt processing by HSSFEventFactory with the code being passed back by its abortable process events methods. Error termination can be done by throwing the HSSFUserException. Note that HSSFEventFactory will not call the inherited process
        record - the record to be processed
        result code of zero for continued processing.
        HSSFUserException - User code can throw this to abort file processing by HSSFEventFactory and return diagnostic information.